Detailed Trail and Light Show Information

General Information

The main display in Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens features over 100 illuminations and includes Christmas characters such as gingerbread people and a teddy bear alongside trees of different sizes, the largest of which is 60ft tall.

Music is played at selected times at the Bournemouth Wonderland Tree, so visitors with audio sensitivities may wish to bring ear defenders. There are also shows with pyrotechnics and flame effects at the big wheel on selected dates and times in December.

The illuminations are lit from 12noon but are easier to see after dark.

Autism Friendly

For children, young people and adults with Autism, below is a more detailed description of Christmas Tree Wonderland to help you plan and make your visit more enjoyable. Our thanks go to 23 young people aged 11-18 from Gingerbread who gave feedback on the event which has been used to provide this information.  We hope you find this useful.

The Trail
  1. Starting at Bournemouth’s Pier Approach is the Moscow Tree which is lit with white, red and blue lights.
  2. The Big Wheel, illuminated with white lights and has a flashing display that goes round the edge of the Wheel at different times.
  3. Tree of Light, lit with white lights.
  4. St Petersburg Tree, lit with blue and white lights.
  5. Bethlehem Tree, lit with white, green and red lights and small lit nativity scene
  6. Gingerbread Woman and Man.
  7. Rockery lit with streams of white lights and small trees.
  8. Seattle Tree, made of balls covered in white lights.
  9. Pine Tree Walk, lit with yellow lights.
  10. Warsaw Tree, lit with pink lights.
  11. Santa’s Grotto, set in the bandstand meet the elves, decorated with large elf figures and traditional displays.
  12. Oslo Tree, lit with white lights.
  13. Bournemouth Wonderland Tree is the tallest tree and has a walk-through archway in the middle. The tree slowly changes colours and patterns.
  14. Ice Rink and Moguls Bar, with ice skating sessions and bar serving hot chocolate, cider and more.
  15. Alpine Lodge and Market, individual wooden huts serving food, drinks and gifts. Please be aware there is a small stage in the Square, near to Debenhams where live music acts perform at different times.
  16. Giant Teddy Bear, lit in yellow and red lights and Upside Down House. Based at the Triangle, the Upside Down House is a two storey wooden structure that is designed to disorientate the senses, with uneven floors and furniture attached to the ceiling.
  17. Giant Illuminated Bauble, lit with gold and white lights, up Old Christchurch Road, next to Beale Place.
Light and audio shows

The Bournemouth Wonderland Tree light and music shows take place daily at selected times.

Each show lasts around 5 minutes and includes a faster changing sequence of lights that produces a variety of patterns and shapes. The music is a mix of seasonal Christmas songs provided by Wave 105. Please note that there will be no shows on Christmas Day.

Big wheel light and pyrotechnic shows take place on selected dates at Pier Approach and will last around 10 minutes. Each show includes loud, exciting and energetic dance music, white lights pulsing around the edge of the big wheel, plus 5 meter high flames that will shoot up from the ground in front of the wheel. The show will include a finale with pyrotechnics with 20ft flames launching into the air beside the big wheel.

Meet Christmas Characters

Meet engaging Christmas characters in Christmas Tree Wonderland on selected dates.

Quieter Places

Quieter spaces can be found away from the main gardens, either on Pine Tree Walk or the paths on the Westover Road side of the Lower Gardens and to either side of Bournemouth Pier away from the crowds.

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