Detailed Trail and Light Show Information

General Information for 2019

The main display in Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens features over 100 illuminations and includes Christmas characters such as gingerbread people and a teddy bear alongside trees of different sizes, the largest of which is 60ft tall.
Music is played at half-hourly intervals at the Bournemouth Wonderland Tree from 16:00, so visitors with audio sensitivities may wish to bring ear defenders.
The illuminations are lit from 12 noon but are easier to see after dark.

Autism Friendly

For children, young people and adults with Autism, below is a more detailed description of Christmas Tree Wonderland to help you plan and make your visit more enjoyable. Our thanks go to 23 young people aged 11-18 from the YMCA’S Chatterbox group who gave feedback on the event which has been used to provide this information. We hope you find this useful.

The Trail

1. Starting at Bournemouth’s Pier Approach is the Moscow Tree which is lit with white and blue lights. It is adorned with a white snowflake and illuminated with white tear drop lights

2. Smugglers Cove features an illuminated reindeer and a cascading waterfall of white lights that are separated by a small body of water and fencing.

3. The Big Wheel, illuminated with white lights and has a flashing display that goes round the edge of the wheel at different times. There is a display screen that shows changing images at the centre of the big wheel.

4. Tree of Light, lit with white lights.

5. Warsaw Tree lit with soft-pink lights that continuously twinkle.

6. At the Giant Teddy there is a small teddy-bears’ picnic scene, with a giant teddy and a smaller teddy separated by some illuminated Christmas presents.

7. Seattle Tree made of spheres encasing white lights.

8. Rockery lit with streams of white lights and small trees, soft background noise of water sweeping through.

9. Polar Walk features suspended lighting above replicating icicles, with lit, static displays along the path.

10. South Western Railway St Petersburg Tree is a blue illuminated tree with white twinkling lights displaying Christmas patterns along the side of the tree.

11. Pay by Phone Bethlehem Tree, lit with white twinkling, green and red lights and a small lit nativity scene to one side.

12. Vodafone Gigafast Tree of Light is a thin red tree.

13. Bournemouth Wonderland Tree is the tallest tree and has a walk-through archway in the middle. The tree slowly changes colours and patterns, and light/music shows operate roughly every half-an-hour after 16:00 till 21:00.

14. SKATE: Ice Rink and Moguls Alpine Bar, with ice skating sessions and bar serving festive food and drink including hot chocolate, mulled wine and more. With views of the Gardens and the Bournemouth Wonderland Tree there is also music played while you skate. Visit here to enquire or to book a SKATE session (popular sessions are late evenings and weekends) and also visit their frequently asked questions page for more information.

15. Alpine Lodge and Market, individual wooden huts serving food, drinks and gifts. Please be aware there is a small stage in the Square, near to Debenhams where live music acts perform at different times.

16. Giant Illuminated Bauble, lit with gold and white lights, up in the Triangle. Visitors can walk inside and around this attraction.

17. Santa’s Grotto at Beales, see this website for further information and to book a time slot:

18. Giant Reindeer is a 7 metre free-standing reindeer with soft gold lighting.

19. Illuminated Stems are hanging from trees at Horseshoe Common with soft white lighting that twinkles.

20. The Gingerbread People sit at the Lansdowne roundabout, and can be viewed from across the road. Two small illuminated gingerbread people are surrounded by candy canes and presents which are also lit.

Quieter Places

Quieter spaces can be found away from the main gardens, either on Pine Tree Walk or the paths on the Westover Road side of the Lower Gardens and to either side of Bournemouth Pier away from the crowds.
For any further enquiries please contact:

Toilet Facilities

There are public toilet facilities throughout the trail, accessible at the lower gardens opposite the SKATE ice-rink which also has its own accessible facilities for people with disabilities. At the beginning of the trail there are accessible toilets on the Pier Approach as well as male and female toilets. For more information on accessible facilities that are available on your trip: